The Energy Community Secretariat welcomes the Moldovan Regulatory Authority Board’s (ANRE) decision of 18 July to increase the electricity and gas tariffs to end-consumers towards more cost reflective prices and adopting tariffs for access to electricity distribution networks. The adjustment of the electricity end-user tariffs was necessary to avoid a possible security of supply crisis, escalated by the recent depreciation of the Moldovan currency Lei. The Secretariat’s Deputy Director Dirk Buschle said: “ANRE’s decision constitutes a necessary pre-condition for stabilising Moldova’s energy sector, but further, more fundamental reform steps will need to follow.”

The adoption of tariffs for access to electricity distribution networks intends to rectify the failure to comply with its obligations under Directive 2009/72/EC concerning common rules for the internal market in electricity. In May 2015, the Energy Community Secretariat sent an opening letter to the Regulator initiating a preliminary procedure for failure to adopt the distribution tariffs applicable to all eligible customers, including suppliers. The purpose of the letter is to give Moldova the possibility, within two months, to react to the allegation of non-compliance with Energy Community law.

National Energy Regulatory Agency of the Republic of Moldova – press release

Energy Community dispute settlement case 05/2015