The Board of Appeal dismisses as inadmissible the appeals brought by E-Control and Austrian Power Grid seeking the annulment of ACER’s Opinion No 09/2015

On 23 November 2015, the Board of Appeal received two appeals, lodged by the Austrian energy regulator E-Control and by the Austrian Power Grid (APG), seeking the annulment of ACER (the Agency) ’s Opinion No 09/2015 of 23 September 2015 on the compliance of National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs)’ decisions, approving the methods of allocation of cross-border electricity transmission capacity in […]

ECS Secretariat publishes first CESEC report on gas market integration, 18 Dec 2015

Today the ECS Secretariat published its first monitoring report on the execution of the Action Plan under the Central and South-Eastern European Gas Connectivity (CESEC) Memorandum of Understanding on a “Joint approach to address the natural gas diversification and security of supply challenges”. Its signatories, which comprise the European Union, five Energy Community Contracting Parties* and nine EU Member States, […]

MPs prepare for Energy Community Parliamentary Plenum, 15 Dec 2015

Meeting in Vienna on 14 December, Members of Parliament of the eight Energy Community Contracting Parties gathered together to discuss the future work programme and procedural rules of the Energy Community Parliamentary Plenum. Established by a decision of the 2015 Energy Community Ministerial Council, the plenum will bring together two representatives from each national parliament of the Contracting Parties and […]

EU Parliament defines Energy Community as integral part of the Energy Union and pivotal arm of EU’s external energy policy, 16 Dec 2015

In a resolution adopted on 15 December, the European Parliament invites the Commission to come forward with concrete proposals based on the Report of the High Level Reflection Group to further reform the Energy Community in order to establish a true pan-European Energy Community. The focus should be better governance and enhancement of Energy Community institutions, including the establishment of […]

Focus on Liability on the Environmental Matter in Albania by Dr Lorenc Gordani, 02 December 2015

According to the last investment guide published recently by AIDA on the matter of Environmental law, Albania applies the Law on the Protection of Environment in line with Directive 2004/35/CE of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 April 2004. This law sets out the principles, requirements, responsibilities, duties and general procedures for ensuring a high-level protection of […]

Moldova once again violates the independence of energy regulator, 04 Dec 2015

Yesterday, the entire Board of Directors of Energy Regulator of Moldova (ANRE) was dismissed by the Parliament. The Parliament’s decision came after the Regulator adopted distribution tariffs and increased supply prices for end-customers. The latter measures were needed to close an open infringement action initiated by the Secretariat and to ensure cost-reflectivity of the services provided by the energy companies. […]

Bosnia and Herzegovina signals readiness to adopt Third Energy Package, 30 Nov 2015

A meeting hosted by the Energy Community Secretariat today brought together the state and entity level ministers responsible for energy issues in an effort to gather political support to overcome obstacles to adopting the Third Energy Package for electricity and gas in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In a session chaired by Director Kopač, State Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations, […]

Press Statement of the Minister of Environment, Mr. Lefter KOKA, Tirana on, November 25, 2015

The Council of Ministers approved today the draft law “On the management of the national forestry and pasture fund in the Republic of Albania” By this historic decision, a truly momentous legislative enterprise is initiated, and one of the most essential reforms in the forestry and pasture sector for our country. This draft law, prepared by the Ministry of Environment, […]