ECS Secretariat publishes first CESEC report on gas market integration, 18 Dec 2015

Today the ECS Secretariat published its first monitoring report on the execution of the Action Plan under the Central and South-Eastern European Gas Connectivity (CESEC) Memorandum of Understanding on a “Joint approach to address the natural gas diversification and security of supply challenges”. Its signatories, which comprise the European Union, five Energy Community Contracting Parties* and nine EU Member States, committed to address gas market integration challenges and actively support the realisation of a limited number of key infrastructure projects.

The Energy Community Secretariat was invited to closely monitor the implementation of the Action Plan on a regular basis. The Secretariat’s monitoring report maps the countries’ progress with respect to defined actions, whose implementation is necessary for CESEC’s market integration objectives to be achieved. It also measures progress in the realisation of CESEC priority projects where a Contracting Party is involved.

The second follow-up report is scheduled to be published in February 2016.

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