Report 2015: Pre-Assessment on
Albania Market Liberalization

release 20 June 201

On June 2015 ACERC release
its preliminary Report for the 2015 on an Pre-Assessment on Market
Liberalization. In the here presentation are reported the state of art before entering
in force of the new law for the electricity sector and the challenges that it
has to afford. In regard, it is necessary to be highlight that the specific
transformation brought by the new law will be part of further closer reports
and communications.

on 28 Apr 2015, Albanian Parliament approve the new law on the electricity sector
that adopts the EU Third Energy Package. A process that place the country in
the second post among the rest of the WBs (only Serbia have done it until now)
that adopt the Third Energy Package in the electricity sector. A transposition
that take particular importance in view of the step back that have register so
far the FYR of Macedonia failure to liberalize electricity market in line with
binding Energy Community deadline.

With the
here introduction the country gives an important signal, also due to its guide
role as actual holder of the Energy Community Presidency for the 2015, in the
paths of the necessary reforms to be followed by the other Contracting Members
of the Energy Community. A
development that goes far beyond formal compliance with EU legislation. The law
consolidates the action taken so far in the sector, that in some way have been slowed
in the last period by the country. In more, it constitutes a decisive step
forward on a long path of the energy reforms in Albania for which it lays a
solid foundation.

For more about
the report click here. The here document presented base on reports provided by
the main official institutions of reference in the energy sector and found on
the website of the Energy Community Secretariat. In
particular it want to highlight that the here presentation report the state of
art before entering in force of the new law for the electricity sector that
transpose in the Albanian legal framework the third Energy Package. Therefore
the here presentation want mainly to present the challenges to be afford.

on regard putted itself in availability for any enquire and comments and will
turn soon with an extensive presentation that address the main new specific
transformation that the reform introduce.