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EU & WBs / Albania Energy Regulatory Updates

Presentation of Albanian Centre for Energy Regulation and Conservation - ACERC

Acerc is a think tank centre with a focus on the Albania energy market and its integration in Regional & IEM. The Acerc mission based on the in-depth knowledge of EU and Regional Energy Law and Policy and strives to provide aqualified contribution to the promotion of the liberalization and effective integration as well as efficient use of energy resources.

Acerc main activities consists in build-up collaborationand support to market players in the market researches such as the release of reports, articles and periodicals. Activity accompanied with the offering of the support in capacity building through national and regional seminars, trainings and conferences. Initiatives aims to enable in advocating in the energy sector promoting a forum called in Albanian School of Regulation.

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ENTSO-E Market Committee Approves ITC Audit Results and 2015 Perimeter Fee Brussels, 2015-06-26

AER Notice March 2015 Posted on Sun, March 29, 2015 11:47:54

ENTSO-E Market Committee Approves ITC Audit Results and 2015 Perimeter Fee

Brussels, 2015-06-26

On 25 March, the ENTSO-E Market Committee approved the Inter TSO Compensation (ITC) audit results.

The ITC mechanism functions according to the terms defined in the ITC Agreement, compensating transmission system operators for costs associated with hosting transit flows (i.e. facilitating the transfer of power between two countries). This mechanism aims to incentivise the hosting of cross border flows and to facilitate the creation of an effectively competitive pan-European electricity market.

The ITC Agreement foresees an annual process in which the parties are required to provide and check the values for the calculation of the annual perimeter fee. Based on this audited data, the transit flows, including also the perimeter flows, are calculated (i.e. imports and exports of electricity to and from third countries), contributing to the framework fund and WWT calculations.

The 2015 perimeter fee has been established at € 0,6/ MWh.

Brussels Briefing on Energy – All you need to know for March & April 2015 March 25, 2015 – Energy

AER Notice March 2015 Posted on Thu, March 26, 2015 11:45:38

Brussels Briefing on Energy – All you need to know for March & April 2015

March 25, 2015 – Energy

In this Brussels Briefing on Energy, leading journalist Hughes Belin provides an overview of the latest EU energy policy developments.

Energy topped the agenda of the last European Council meeting on 19-20 March. EU leaders adopted conclusions on:

  • The Energy Union strategy, signalling that they want to ensure energy supply security rather than achieve an energy transition.
  • In a blow to the Commission, EU leaders watered down Vice-President Sefcovic’s proposal for more transparency on international energy agreements.
  • Sanctions against Russia will be extended to the end of 2015, and linked to the full implementation of the Minsk II agreement.

Other important developments related to:

  • Trilateral talks between EU, Ukraine and Russia took place on 20 March in Brussels to negotiate new conditions for Russian gas exports to Ukraine.
  • On 16 March, EU and Turkey launched a High Level Energy Dialogue to reinforce energy cooperation.
  • The next Informal Energy Council will take place in Riga on 14-15 April.

TAP exempt from certain Third Package requirements 24 Mar 2015

AER Notice March 2015 Posted on Wed, March 25, 2015 23:16:29

TAP exempt from certain Third Package

24 Mar 2015

Today the ECS issued a positive Opinion on the
decision adopted by the Albanian energy regulatory authority (ERE) to prolong
the exemption granted to the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) project from certain
requirements of the Third Energy Package. The Secretariat gave its original
Opinion in March 2013, which supported the exemption of TAP from certain
requirements on third party access, tariff regulation and ownership unbundling
under strict conditions and for a period limited to 25 years.

The exemption was made conditional on TAP being
put into operation no later than 1 January 2019. Due to events beyond its
control, the Trans Adriatic Pipeline AG company requested a postponement of the
date by which the commercial operation would take place until 31 December 2020.
The new Opinion was necessary in order for the exemption to retain its effect.

Under the Third Energy Package, electricity and
gas TSOs as well as operators of storage or LNG facilities are required to
grant energy companies non-discriminatory access to their infrastructure. They
must offer the same service to different users under identical contractual
conditions. In certain circumstances however, major new infrastructure may be
exempt from elements of third party access. Exemptions are subject to strict

Opinions on exemption decisions are one of the
new tasks of the Secretariat stemming from the Third Energy Package. The
Secretariat is also obliged to issue Opinions on the certification of
Transmission System Operators.

What’s new in the 4th REMIT Q+A from ACER? POSTED BY AVIVHANDLER ⋅ MARCH 18, 2015

AER Notice March 2015 Posted on Sat, March 21, 2015 15:35:11

new in the 4th REMIT Q+A from ACER?


ACER issued the fourth version of their Questions and Answers document on
REMIT, which can be found here.

Compared to the previous version from
February, the following has been added/changed:

vs OMPs

REMIT contains the classification of an Organised Market Place (OMP) and a PPAT
(Professional Person Arranging Transactions). OMPs have certain requirements
that PPATs may not. Paragraph II.3.7 discusses the possible link between
the two.

Participant Obligations

Paragraph II.4.2 outlines the obligations that are activated by the
Implementing Act, which are reporting (after the relevant deadline) and

on becoming an RRM

A whole new section has been added on the registration, testing and
certification process around becoming an RRM, in section III.2 Many issues
about the mechanics of registration, and testing are contained here.

on file submission and contents
– paragraphs III.3.4 to III.3.9 talk about
issues related to the contents of files under certain scenarios (e.g the EIC
code to use) as well as how to break up or combine files with many trades.
Paragraph III.6.2 confirms that balancing contract reference data will not be

Information publication

there is a bit more information about the proposed changes to the publication
of Inside Information, which currently occurs on web sites. Paragraph II.3.10
announces that further information will be published in Spring/summer 2015.

Other – Section III.8 briefly discusses
how information on the goings on at ACER in relation to REMIT may or may not be