ECS opens public consultation on potential priority infrastructure projects in line with TEN–E Regulation, 02 May 2016

Today marks the beginning of a public consultation on the selection of priority infrastructure projects in line with EU Regulation 347/2103, as adapted for the Energy Community. In October 2015, the Ministerial Council of the Energy Community adopted the Decision D/2015/09/MC-EnC on the implementation of Regulation (EU) 347/2013 on the Guidelines for Trans-European Energy Infrastructure (the TEN–E Regulation).

The objective of the public consultation is to seek views on the projects that have been submitted in an open call by project promoters as potential priority infrastructure projects in line with the TEN-E Regulation. The list is purely indicative as no assessment has been done on any of the projects

with respect to whether or not they meet the selection criteria.

Stakeholders are invited to give their views on the submitted projects and suggest projects to be added to or removed from the list. The input from this consultation will feed into the evaluation process. The consultation period runs from 2 May to 2 June 2016. All contributions must be submitted via the on-line questionnaire before this deadline.

Particularly public authorities, Contracting Parties’ authorities, private organisations, industry associations, SMEs, citizens, consumer organisations, trade unions, NGOs, environmental organisations, consultancies, workers’ and employers’ federations, international financial institutions and other relevant stakeholders are encouraged to take part.

In addition to the public consultation, project promoters are invited to submit additional/new proposals between 2 May and 2 June 2016, following the same rules and criteria as for the initial call. Only proposals submitted on-line will be accepted.

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