24 July 2015 the Coordinated Auction Office South East Europe (SEE CAO),
submitted a new set of Auction Rules Version 1.2 that got on 24 August 2015 the
Recommendation of the Energy Community Regulatory Board (ECBR). In the here
introduction, is necessary to briefly clarify that being a regional
coordination platform, the SEE CAO operates on a common set of Auction Rules.
Approval of Auction Rules for Transmission Operators participating in
coordinated SEE CAO auctions is responsibility of the relevant National Energy
Regulator (NRA).

having in mind that the concept of a regional project requires harmonised
regulatory treatment across borders, the Energy Community NRAs mutually agreed
to develop a common approach for SEE CAO Auction Rules in the format of a
(legally non-binding) recommendation of the Energy Community Regulatory Board
(ECRB) to which NRAs would align their (legally binding) national Auction Rule
approval decisions.

the SEE CAO submitted a new set of Auction Rules (“version 1.2”) on 24 July
2015 asking for a coordinated regulatory position on the draft. The ECRB
carefully reflected in particular paying due attention to their compliance with
the Energy Community acquis communautaire, their consistency with the European
/ Energy Community Electricity Target Model, Regulation (EC) 1222/2015 and the
last (until now draft on) Network Code for Forward Capacity Allocation.

last, it is learn that ECRB has welcomes the draft SEE CAO Auction Rules
version 1.2 as important step for further regional integration and harmonisation
of cross border trade in electricity. The ECRB further has expresses its
appreciation for the efforts made in adjusting the SEE CAO Auction Rules to the
draft Harmonised Auction Rules discussed on EU level. Then ECRB in its opinion
has recommend NRAs to approve the new draft on Auction Rules.

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