has given a new law on the electricity sector that aim a fully aligned with
Directive 2009/72/EC dated 13 July 2009 “On common rules for the internal
market in electricity”. In regard of the “Direct Line” it establish that it means either an electricity line
linking an isolated generation site with an isolated customer inside or outside
Albania, or an electricity line linking an isolated generation site with a
customer outside of Albania, or an electricity line linking an electricity
producer and an electricity supply undertaking to supply directly their own
premises, subsidiaries and eligible customers.

The new Law on the Electricity Sector no.
43 of the 30th April 2015 recognise, in the article 33, all electricity
producers and suppliers within a given territory may supply their facilities,
branches and clients, via a direct line. No transmission or distribution
license shall be required for the operation of a direct line state the article
34m par. 5.

In regard, the direct lines constructed
for electricity export purposes by domestic producers to connect customers
outside the country, are subject to Council of Ministers’ approval, after the
given opinion from ERE. Instead, the direct lines constructed for the
connection of e internal market by domestic producer to connect customers
inside the country, or supply company which supplies its assets or eligible
customers, as well as lines connected to the transmission system for maintenance
purposes, are subject to responsible Ministry’s approval, after the opinion
given from ERE.

However, all the criteria and the procedures
for granting of authorizations for the construction of direct lines shall
approve by the Council of Ministers. The Minister authorizes the construction
of a direct line even in the case that applicant is refused access to the grid
for cases defined in Article 29 of this law, or in case a procedure for dispute
settlement has been initiated, as set forth under the Article 24 of this law.

Nerveless, the Minister may refuse to
grant its authorization for the construction of a direct line if the granting
of such authorization would obstruct the fulfilment of public service
obligations and customer protection, defined by the provisions of the law. The
explanations for such a refusal should be fully justifiable and are notified to
the applicant.

Important is the remind that the
possibility of supplying electricity through a direct line as referred above
shall not limit the right of a customer to enter into electricity supplying
agreements with another supplier of his choice. However the expenses for the
construction and operation of direct lines shall be incurred by the holder of
the authorization. As well as regarding the establishment, exercise and termination
of the rights related to the construction and operation of direct lines
encumbering third party property the provisions of the Civil Code shall be

Regard the technical and safety standards
in electricity sector: the technical rules for design, construction and
operation of the direct lines, including the rules of technical safety, are
developed by the ministry responsible for energy in cooperation with General
Directory of Standardizations and are approved with the decision of the Council
of Ministers. Design, construction and operation of the direct lines are
presumed that meet the applicable technical requirements and criteria when they
are in compliance with the respective harmonized Albanian standards (Article 34,
par. 3).

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