Secretariat seeks stakeholder views on options for the Energy Community for the Future, 03 Feb 2015

In its final report “An Energy Community for the Future”, the High Level Reflection Group concluded that the Energy Community’s ambitious goals cannot be met without reforming the organisation’s legal, procedural and institutional set-up and proposed how these shortcomings could be rectified. The public consultation, launched today, seeks stakeholder views on how these recommendations could be brought to life by providing several implementation options. Respondents have the opportunity to express their views on strategic reform questions, including inter alia the organisation’s institutional set-up, enforcement mechanisms, tools to improve the investment climate and adoption of new environmental acquis.

All interested stakeholders are encouraged to respond to the public consultation by completing the online questionnaire (link below). The consultation will run until 6 March 2015.

The results of the public consultation will be taken into consideration by the Energy Community Permanent High Level Group, which was tasked by the Ministerial Council to identify reform measures in June 2015 for consideration and adoption at the Ministerial Council in 2015.