All hydrocarbon products to undergo quality testing in Albania

Last Updated: 2015-01-30 07:47 | Xinhua

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama pledged on Tuesday to help improving the quality of inspection in all gas stations to curb further damage to the citizens’ vehicles, Albanian daily news reported.

With a Lek 55 million (447,154 million U.S. dollars) investment, the lab has modern equipment for testing fuel and its byproducts that are sold in the market, and tests all imported fuels.

“It will serve the daily consumers of oil and gasoline who will see and feel a radically improved quality and radically improved control by the state in all fuel distribution points,” Rama said.

“By the end of this year, after a series of other steps, which are planned by the Ministry of Energy for the online inspection of all gas stations, and for avoiding tax evasion and quality manipulation, we will be able to tell the Albanian people that their car is not endangered anymore by the destruction of all these years and by the lack of quality,” Rama declared.

The new laboratory, Technical Central Inspectorate (TCI), now offers 58 methods of analysis accredited with internationally certified equipment, a laboratory according to the European technological standards.

Director of CTI’s Ejana Xhixho said, “It guarantees an examination of all hydrocarbon products, all fuels.” (1 U.S. dollar = 123 Lek)